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The power of chemistry

Over the centuries, man has learned immensely about his environment and about how to transform it according to its evolution needs. The transformative power of chemistry and material science have been his tools and made it all possible. Our cities and transport means depend on materials enabled by innovations from chemistry. Clever chemistry makes and cleans your clothes and carpets; clever packaging is protecting your food; health care and disease cure heavily rely on chemistry-based medical advancements. Your smartphone and tablet depend on chemical innovations for their touchscreen, batteries and microprocessors.

Sustainable production

Chemistry is at the heart of sustainable industrial innovation in Europe; it is all about providing new solutions for sustainable production, doing more – much more – with less.
It helps industry and manufacturing by improving efficiency of production and optimising processes to reduce and eventually eliminate their environmental impact. Virgin feedstock and primary fossil energy usage can be reduced by changing to renewable energy and increased proportions of bio-based feedstock and end of life feed-streams. Chemistry is at the heart of resource and energy efficiency in processing through new ways of utilising existing technologies and plants, such as process intensification, closed loops of raw materials, water and energy, as well as through new and advanced process technologies. New business models such as industrial symbiosis provide a great opportunity for several industrial sectors and value chains to work in sync and collectively reduce their resource consumption. For more, visit our mini-website!

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