Innovation is the key process that takes the big, unconventional, ideas and transforms them into great possibilities for a better society. It is not just about doing things better, but rather doing things differently. It is not only about latest new technologies, but also about new business models, new behaviours, new individual and organisational thinking, and marketing.

Boosting up innovation levels in Europe would bring about a new breath of fresh air, an enthusiasm that can spread its contagion at both an individual societal level. It can help us leapfrog into a new era where the economic growth natural resources are no longer co-dependent, where human progress and advancements in our quality of life do not endanger our eco-systems. The future is in our hands, we can invent it according to our needs and values.

European innovation model

We need to build a new European innovation model that builds on Europe’s industrial legacy as well as on the united action of its Member States. This model must ensure that incentives for innovation are in place along the whole European value chain from raw materials to production, through distribution and consumption, to disposal and reuse. The model must embrace the concept of a circular resource economy. It must address both technological and non-technological challenges. It must bring together both the private partners and the public authorities. It must build adapted skills to provide high quality jobs. It must be optimised to enable Europe to respond quickly to changing circumstances in our highly competitive global environment.

Innovation revolution

Fortunately, Europe already has the basis for a successful innovation revolution. Our European strengths can be the strong basis for a unique innovation model that will drive our society towards sustainable growth. Europe is home to excellent world-class research and science. It has an excellent industrial ecosystem with a good diverse mix of small and large companies that are used to working together along value chains that are geographically dense. And, above all, Europe has a tradition of collaboration and working together for a common good that is unique globally. We just need to decide that now is Europe’s time and act together to achieve our goals of a sustainable and prosperous society.

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